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YONKERS NY: “Music of the Christmas Season” Concert

Holy Trinity Church in Yonkers NY will present “Music of the Christmas Season” performed by the parish choir on Wednesday, December 19th at 7:00 p.m. with a Christmas Bazaar and Reception following. Admission is free of charge. Event information >


The year is coming to an end and it’s up to us! Will we support seminarians representing our future priests and deacons? Will we support new mission parishes? Will we support our parishes and priests with the active support of our Archbishop and programs for growth and revitalization? The time is now to answer the call – “we need your support!” Learn about the DDB and, please, consider joining the team by a financial contribution now … before the end of 2018. Click here >

see the list of DDB contributors this year >

ENDICOTT NY: Archpastoral Visit with Baptisms, Chrismations, Readers Tonsured

During the Archpastoral visit of Archbishop Michael to Saints Peter and Paul Church in Endicott NY on the weekend of 10-11 November 2018, sixteen Catechumens (the Card family) were received into the church by Holy Baptism and Chrismation (anointing). The presence of the Holy Spirit was truly felt by all as His Eminence exclaimed: “The Seal of the Gift of The Holy Spirit!” 180 times with the choir and congregation singing “Amen!” as many times in response. During the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, Archbishop Michael tonsured five young men to the rank of Reader.


In an essay entitled, "Three Miracles," Deacon David Donch begins by writing: "Nearly 2000 years ago, a man named Jairus had a little girl who had become seriously ill, and because the medicine of their day provided no cure for her illness, she was dying. With no hope left him but his hope in the power of God, Jairus set out to find an unusual preacher that he and so many others had been hearing so much about: a certain Jesus, Who people were saying wielded God’s miraculous power to heal all sorts of afflictions and diseases." To read his entire essay, please go here >

A Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving Day!


Today is the prelude of the good will of God, of the preaching of the salvation of mankind. The Virgin appears in the temple of God, in anticipation proclaiming Christ to all. Let us rejoice and sing to her: "Rejoice, O Fulfillment of the Creator's dispensation!"  (Troparion Hymn)

“My Experience as a Missionary in Albania”

Stacey Anastasia Gleeson writes: “What would it be like to be an Orthodox missionary? How would I know unless I experienced it? Over the years, I have expressed this desire with family and friends, but struggled to act. My professional career and local volunteer work at my church took priority. However, a life experience motivated me to finally put my desire of a missionary trip into action.”


On Saturday, 3 November 2018, nearly 50 youth and adults from across the diocese gathered at Holy Trinity Church in Yonkers NY together with Archbishop Michael for the first annual Diocesan “BIBLE BOWL.” The Bible Bowl combined competition, camaraderie, and the culmination of months of diligent study of the Scriptures. Eleven teams from six parishes competed in three divisions (Junior Youth, Senior Youth, Adult) and responded to challenging questions from the Gospel of Saint Mark.


On the Diocesan Calendar


December 19, 2018


   "Music of the

   Christmas Season"

with Bazaar & Reception

Holy Trinity Church

Yonkers NY

7:00 p.m.

event flyer >


December 25, 2018

  Feast-Day of the

  Nativity of Our

  Lord, God, and Savior

  Jesus Christ


January 6, 2019

  Feast-Day of the

  Theophany of Our

  Lord, God, and Savior

  Jesus Christ


February 2, 2019

  Feast-Day of the


  of Our Lord, God,

  and Savior

  Jesus Christ

  in the Temple


February 25, 2019

Council of

Presbyters Meeting

Diocesan Chancery

Bronxville NY

11:00 a.m.


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and New Jersey
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Bronxville NY 10708
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