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Shirley NY
Saint John the Theologian Orthodox Church in Shirley NY conducted a workshop from October 8-12, 2012 on iconography and iconology. Facilitating the workshop were: Father Mefodii, a monk from the Skete of Saint Maximos the Confessor (Palmyra VA/Bulgarian Patriarchate); and Adele McHugh, a student of the Prosopon School. Those interested in participating in next year’s workshop should contact: email

"Writing an icon, for me, is a transcendental experience.  I lose myself in the image and in the Lord.  Time and the rest of the world fade from my mind as I immerse myself in thinking about the meaning of the image I am creating. It is a blessing to have a space to do that."

"It was a tremendous opportunity for spiritual insight and personal growth, through the grace of God and the gifted teaching and guidance of Fr. Mefodii, for which I am eternally grateful."  

"We were required to really use our senses and seek a quieting of the mind to "listen" and learn what the writing of the icon can teach us about ourselves and our relationship with God.  I learned a lot about needing more balance going forward.  Glory to God for our amazing accomplishments!"

"It was an unbelievable spiritual journey for me that brought me inner peace and tears of joy when Fr. Mefodii handed me my finished icon."

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