The Blessed Matushka Olga of Alaska Ministry is a ministry of the Diocese of New York and New Jersey established by His Eminence Archbishop Michael. This ministry strives to provide resources for women struggling with an unplanned pregnancypregnancy lossinfertility, post abortion trauma, and sexual trauma or abuse as well as pregnancy,  adoption, and parenting. The ministry also provides resources to clergy and family and friends to help them support women in need.

Prayer to Matushka Olga

O blessed Matushka Olga, hear our prayer as we lift up our hearts to you, trusting in the power of your ceaseless intercession.  Even as you spread the warmth of your maternal love over the souls of the needy, abused and broken, so warm our souls also, healing our pain and bringing us the love of Christ.  Through your prayers, may we walk in the paths of peace, pleasing our Lord and glorifying His Name, and so finally fail not to enter into the joy of His eternal Kingdom, praising our God forever before His throne:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever and unto ages of ages.  Amen.

Matushka Olga Michael:  A Helper in Restoring the Work of God’s Hands -





Archpriest Volodymyr (Vlad) Zablotsky 


Matushka Dennise Kraus  


Prayer Requests

Please use the following form to request prayers for your family, friends, or loved ones who might need prayers. Grieving parents are encouraged to pray for the children they have lost - you may request prayers for your lost baby in the "Departed Infants" section of the form below.

Living Family and/or Friends
Departed Infants