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When Bishop Michael launched the 2011 Distinguished Diocesan Benefactors program on January 1st he appealed to the faithful saying, “Please consider becoming a Distinguished Diocesan Benefactor! By offering a sacrificial gift of whatever you are able this year, you will enable our Diocese to financially support a vitally important ministry of your choice.”  Three vital ministries were identified for targeted funding through the DDB: (1) support for mission parishes, (2) support for seminarians, and (3) support for struggling existing parishes.  With the year coming to an end, there’s encouraging news about the successes of the DDB!

Bishop Michael proposed the DDB as an alternative way (rather than the old and tired “dues/assessments” system) to fund the vital work of the Church; transitioning from increased “head-taxes” on parishes and a “club membership” orientation to a model of proportional giving/stewardship and sacramental inclusion in the Body of Christ. The DDB initiative was introduced and approved by the Diocesan Assembly in 2010, and it was inaugurated in January 2011 with an initial grant of $30,000 from Bishop Michael.  Since that time, an additional $90,000+ has been contributed by men, women, parishes, and organizations: the DDBs.  It is anticipated that DDBs will continue to come forward with their generous support through the remaining days of this year. The season of the Nativity Fast and celebration of our Lord’s Nativity are certainly appropriate occasions for the offering of such gifts to the good-estate and building-up of the Church!

Some things that have been accomplished by the DDB >

Here’s a map of the diocese with the locations and concentration of DDB contributors (as of 15 October 2011) highlighted in red.

download the map as a PDF file >

As of the middle of November, there are many and varied Distinguished Diocesan Benefactors.  The vast majority resides in New Jersey or New York, but there are a few from beyond the diocesan boundaries who desire to offer their support for the work being done.  There are presently 173 individuals, 29 parishes, and 12 organizations enrolled on the growing list of DDBs.  

Our DDB “honor roll” of contributors may be found here >

As you can see, parishes, organizations, and individuals are DDBs.  Your generous support is what being a Distinguished Diocesan Benefactor is all about. Your love, your prayers, and your sharing of the riches with which you have been blessed make it all possible. Contributions may be made by check (mailed to the diocese), or conveniently on-line using a “donate now” feature through Payment Processing Consultants to ensure security and protect your transaction.
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